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Shenzhen LAMP Technology Co. Ltd is equipped with a series of first-class machines for LED lamps and LED displays, such as auto-die machine, auto rank machine, silicon feeding machine, reflow soldering machine, testing equipment, wave soldering auto-line, SMT auto-line and so on. We also have separate R&D center, new-product lab, wave soldering workshop, SMT workshop, LED binding workshop and LED module workshop, which guarantee our best quality control from LED lamps to LED display.

White Balance Room

Aging Workshop

Wave Soldering Auto-line
Preheating Area

High & Low Temperature Testing Cell

SMT Auto-line

LAMP opens new laboratory

May 2010, LAMP opens its new laboratory. With brand-new high end equipment, we will work on the improvement of our product consistently. The equipments are listed as below:

Rain test chamber

High and low temperature chamber

Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber

by using high pressure pumps, we watering the LED

cabinets from different angles with maximum flow rate

up to 40L/Min. This test will ensure that our equipment

can work in outdoor 7*24 hours, no leaks.

we are doing the cycling test under temperature

-40 ° ~ 150 °, humidity 20% to 95%. Each batch

of LED used for the orders will be tested under the

environment of 75 °C, 20% humidity for 24 hours,

to ensure the stability.

this chamber will test the used to test the

anti-corrosion effect of the aluminum, stainless

steel  part of the LED display.

Integrating sphere

the 0.3m/2m integrating sphere are used to test

color temperature, luminous flux, illumination, view

maps. With more accurate data analysis, we will

improve the quality of display and lighting product

with a fundamental basis.

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