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LAMP Display Supports Jupiler League

Release time:2016-09-02

LAMP Display Supports Jupiler League

Project: Jupiler League
Location: Holland
Display: S10P
Quantity: 250sqm

Football is considered as the most popular and fascinating sport in the Netherlands. It’s fierce and harmonious, It’s profound and plain. Dutch football is well known for its great football players and awesome teamwork. It is football that made Holland win the world champion many times.

Found in 1956, Eerste Divisie, also known as Jupiler League due to sponsorship, is the second-highest tier of football in the Netherlands. In 2016,LAMP TECH provided the campaign with S10P sport display to present a glorious match..

S10P is one of LAMP TECH best selling fence screen with front maintenance. Thanks to its fashionable design, the panel is ultra slim and light and looks stunning and splendid with a curvy figure, the entire screen can rotate 90° inward to form a safety channel. Also, the soft module mask and removable soft cushion ensure safety in the fierce match. S10P has stable image quality without shadows and flickers and high quality images in direct sunlight or storms.

Football is a team sport that takes passion. Like a shining star, LAMP sports fence screen lights up this passion . LAMP Tech will always cheer for sports campaigns and contribute to commercial advertisement!

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