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Fight for the glory of football

Release time:2016-11-02

TFight for the glory of football

On the football playground you can be the king of the world. Football is one of the most powerful game of the world. The football player kick the ball for glory. The ball is not only a ball under the feet but also a beating heart of victory. The football fans cheered with passion, not only for a football game but also the exultant soul of life. S106D from LAMP TECH fights for the glory of football, shining over the world.

Start from ads and end up with wonder

Denmark Aarhus football playground is105 meters long and 68 meters wide; S16D LED sports perimeter screen, spreads as long as 113 meters with 126 cabenits. They look like a row of soldiers surrounding the playground with shinning armors and add joy to the spirited competition.The screens start from ads and end up with wonder.

The significance of perimeterscreen

At the beginning the led display was big lifting outdoor screen with bigger size but shortage of explosure to audience, while now the perimeter screen with extraordinary length can be clearly seen by audiences on every side. So far, Shenzhen LAMP achieved a rather decent market share.

Shenzhen LAMP supports and cheers the foot games with thousands of passionate fans!

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