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Dancing with your dream

Release time:2016-11-14

Dancing with your dream

Country: UK
Place: Dancing club
Product: WN10
Project: 70.28sqm 281PCS

Dancing in the starry night

Have you ever imaged dancing in the starry night?
With the shining stars and aurora surround you,
Romance fullfiling your heart, passion waving in your body,and energy shocking your life.
Dancing shows the extraordinary beauty and strength,
At the splendid starry night, a dancing starts from the toe, lingting up your love and energy.

A unique dancing club

Before long, a dancing club in UK bought 281 pcs 70.28sqm in total, WN10 from LAMP Tech. which were installed on the ceiling, wall and columns to create shining starry sky and other scenarios, making people feel dancing in the venues of beauty and magic.

How to achieve?

WN series support front installation and service so that it permits wall mounting installation. Firstly, you calculate the areas to comfirm buying quanlity. Beside, the flat splicing is not the only choice for the the installation design. They can be scattered randomly over the ceiling, which makes people feel dancing in a world between reality and fancy.

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