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The 2017 New Year Gala of Shenzhen LAMP Tech

Release time:2017-01-19

The 2017 New Year Gala of Shenzhen LAMP Tech

The Chinese Luna New Year is coming and the year of 2016 is also coming to an end. Every staff can feel the delight of new beginging. LAMP TECH did a really good job through Lamp people’s hard work and determination as well as perseverance in 2016. In the coming 2017, we’ve set a higher goal and hope to share more excellent LED displays with the world and we’ll achive our goal by passion and creativity.

After expressing thanks to every Lamp staff, we come to the end of the year of 2016. To celebrate the coming new year and express our wishes, we held the 2017 New Year Party. We hope to realize our dreams in the new year and at the new starting point!

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