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LAMP Sparkles in ISE 2017

Release time:2017-02-14

LAMP Sparkles in ISE 2017

The ISE (Integrated System Europe) 2017 Show, convened in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 7 to 10 February, is a professional feast for the AV industry. It witnesses the gathering of worldwide top manufacturers, who showcase their latest high-tech products to customers in the show.

Lamp selects solid black as the main color of the 72-sqm booth to maximumly display the light and brightness. The main screen, which is a 3m-by-10m large screen, along with four side screens including a standing window screen, an outdoor lifting screen and sport screens, meet various customers’needs. Therefore, many customers are attracted to stop by our booth.

Detailed information is as follows:

Main screen: large screen, 10(width)*3(height) m, GN 3.1(indoor narrow pixel pitch)
Side screen: window screen, 3.6(width)*1.8(height) m, L5S (maximumly show the color of the images)

Side screen: lifting screen, D3.9 (high definition, high brightness and stunning heat dissipation)

Side screen: indoor sport screen, SN6S (for various indoor courts)

Side screen: outdoor sport screen, S10P (highlight and anti-bump; act as a channel and support live broadcast)

Lamp takes customers’recognition as an honor and customers’trust as a pursuit. There will never be an end to research and innovation in Lamp.
Looking forward to our cooperation!

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