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High brightness AD screen

Release time:2017-02-20

High brightness AD screen

The outdoor ads require higher brightness and higher waterproof level for led screens than the indoor ads do. No matter it is in wind, under sunburn, in storm or thunder, an outstanding outdoor screen can adapt to various harsh environments and keep its brightness and color so as to catch customers’s eyes.

Lamp’s L10DS led screens are installed in an outdoor parking lot of a shoppingmall in Poland, where there is a huge flow of people and a large volume of ads needs. Being equipped with high brightness, full color, excellent waterproof feature and heat dissipation and being cost effective and flat, the L10DS can meet all kinds of needs.

Because of good effects of the ads and customers’ satisfaction for the shoppingmall brought by the L10DS led screens, the representatives for the shoppingmall have expressed their appreciation for Lamp products and established a friendly cooperative partnership with Lamp and there will definitely be more cooperation between the two parties.

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