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A time screen in Cape Town

Release time:2017-03-27

A time screen in Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Place: Cape Town one office building

Product: L8S

project size: 3.84m*1.92mm  7.37sqm

Human never stop discovering the secret of time. Ancient Chinese created “RI GUI” to calculate time based on the change of sun shadow. It wasn’t until 13th century when ancient European created mechanical clock to calculate time precisely. In many western countries there is one big clock at the top of church or landmark buildings, which is not just a clock. It stands for the culture and a sound of homeland. The clock wakes up the world at dawn, accompanies the land back to peace at sunset.

Time flies, the cutting-edge and knowledge development brings our life more convenience and comfort. Historic interests have been protected, arts have been inherited. What remains immortal during the change of time and life is always our memory.

In the downtown of Cape town, South Africa, Shenzhen LAMP installed a time screen at the top of office building. We use modern LED technology to show deep respect to the tradition. The LED clock always shows passengers what time it is now without any stop.

Time is full of magic. With the development of human life, LED clock is a new expression of modern beauty. Shenzhen LAMP always pursuit the newest technology and display a better world for all!

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