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Pierrot fashion store in Belgium

Release time:2017-04-07

Pierrot fashion store in Belgium

Country: Belgium
Place: Pierrot special store
Product: L10S, EMC
project size: 3.2x1.92=6.144sqm

Pierrot is a fashion brand mainly sells clothes, shoes and bags to fashion ladies and men, it has attracted numerous fans because of its unique design and high-quality. Pierrot selects high-quality materials, making elaborate products and decorating fine brand stores that endeavor to have both artistic beauty and comfort. It’s well welcomed at the very beginning when the Pirrot fashion store opened in Belgium. 

Pirrot fashion image store in Belgium keeps the traditional Europe architecture essence and combine modern architecture geometrical elements which looks stylish and classic. The indoor equipped with warm lights shot to the windows let the customers fell cozy and comfort. On the roof the store installed one led screen to broadcast the brand logo, brand video, brand shows and advertisements to catch the eyes and improve brand image. 

Plenty of famous brand stores and counters had installed window screen that instead of the advertising light boxes, in order to broad dynamic ads and easier to change new ads. The screen installed in Pierrot image store in Belgium also one kind of window screen, what’s different is that it’s outdoor but not indoor screen, therefore, it demands of the screen must be waterproof and high-brightness.

Lamp tech had customized many window screen in these years, include one-side screen, double-side screen, corner screen, irregular shaped screen and so on. Our experienced service got deep trust from clients, we believe there will more “lamp made” window screens in worldwide.

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