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An interesting cooperation

Release time:2017-04-26

An interesting cooperation

Country:   Kazakhstan
Place:      Shopping mall advertising screen project
Product:  TN6
Project size: 42 Sqm×2
Upgraded products: GN series

It’s a very interesting story of this cooperation between Lamp tech and the shopping mall. It brings a great surprise to us, but also in reason, this is a life-enhancing cooperation for our sales.

As the advertising screens are already essential parts of the shopping malls, this project was installed in one of the largest new local shopping malls in Kazakhstan. The shopping mall hope to show its brand and high quality from the details to overall designs, so there is a very high requirement on supporting facilities when they choose the partner.

Our sales of Kazakhstan region made a detailed analysis after got the inquiry, including the location of the project, broadcasting demands, installation, budget and etc. After that, the sales manager offered a specific proposal and passed the first selection. When clients came to china to visit several LED manufactures to make the final decision, Lamp tech Exhibition hall was under decorating and we could only show they Lamp workshop. At the end of visiting the aging workshop they said to our sales manager “your products are good, you will be one of the last two choices, but I’m sorry that the effect of broadcasting still has a little gap with our expectations.”

Just like God appointed everything, our cooperation was also decided, when our sales manager and they went out of the aging workshop, they saw a worker hauled some TN series products to aging, the sales manager went to ask about the pitch and surprised to find these goods happened to be TN6. They went back to the aging workshop to see the broadcasting effect and we made an unexpected deal at the final!

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