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circular advertisement screen

Release time:2017-06-06

circular advertisement screen

product: WN4,2 circular screens
Size: 24x1.024Φ=12.288sqm

Circle is generally acknowledged as the perfect geometrical figure in the world,It’s also the most common pattern in works of art From the beginning of architecture, the circular shape was born as a classic part.

Judging from the visual view,circular shape is the widest optic angle, 360º viewing angle,circle-shaped advertisement is the best when the advertisement appeared.

In LED screen industry the circular advertisement screen had experience three stages worldwide. At the beginning, only few top designers or great artists put circular screens in some high-end architectures to chase artistic beauty. At this stage the circular advertisement screen were mainly assembled relying on frame and the creative display has just begun.

The second stages was the circular advertisement screen blooming age, the market demand and display technique development pushed many manufactures to produce creative products. Creative display, creative modules, LED curtain screen were the major products which promoted the circular screen blooming all over the world, circular screen had been widely used in public architectures, shopping mall, exhibition booths and gymnasiums.

Now the circular advertisement screen has gone into mature period that are mainly spliced with creative modules and curtain screens which are lighter, thinner and supporting front maintenance, it has been HD and artificial intelligence age.
LAMP TECH WN series is magnetic creative module which has pixel 4mm and 6mm that have good flatness and easy for splicing, it’s the perfect choice for circular advertisement screen and curve screen.

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