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Add more joy of food

Release time:2017-06-23

Add more joy of food

Country: Australia
Location: The Water View Function Centre
Product: TN3
Screen size: 3.6m(W) x2.7m(H)=9.72 m2

A mellow cup of coffee with rich fragrance leave an indelible impression on people. Those who never eat junk food may love fried chicken due to a piece of crisp chicken. There is no absolute definition for delicacy.

A cafe restaurant in Water View Function Centre is located in Australia. Green lawn surrounds the whole restaurant. Wide horizon, The Main Business are drinks and exquisite meals which are made of the top raw materials. And Products with beautiful appearance have a sense of art for customers., That’s why the restaurant is very popular for the youth and fashionista, Whether snacks or main course.

The theme of dining hall is leisure and enjoyment instead of price. Enjoy your own love in the comfortable environment. In order to create a better atmosphere, owner built a big led screen.   for showing special food to customers and playing some entertainment program.such as News, Music, Dancing, etc. for relaxing client’s mood.

Image the scenario, A cup of coffee, a plate of cheese prawn balls, a bowl of salad. and then,  People listen to music or news from the screen, while looking at those nice food from the screen.  The best food is kind of emotion in one’s deep heart that enjoy the delicious food with all you sense, the “most delicious “ only bloom on you taste buds.

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