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Window Displays Selected by Rolls-Royce

Release time:2017-07-17

Window Displays Selected by Rolls-Royce

Place: Rolls-Royce Store

Product: L6

Project size: 960X960mm,24pcs, 22.12sqm

Rolls-Royce motors are outstanding representatives of the world’s top-level motors, and are internationally renowned for their luxury configuration. Rolls-Royce pursues the philosophy of “Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.” We can hardly believe that even though Rolls-Royce has had a history of more than 100 years from 1906 to the present, over 60% of the Rolls-Royce motors still perform well.

Rolls-Royce Store is also committed to the world’s top-level and high-quality services accompanied by simple and artistic environment. All the details are striving for perfection, from a small piece of paper to a large hall chandelier. Window displays are no exception, They are not the most expensive, but must be the most suitable products for store needs and quality requirements.

Rolls-Royce Store is one of LAMP’s partners. The displays mounted in the Rolls-Royce Store are applied to the shop windows that are classified as image windows, and thus require a high level of brightness, color saturation and installation structure. While L6 display selected is in line with all the requirements. L6 high brightness outdoor display ensures high brightness, high definition and high refresh, and supports easy and convenient front maintenance and installation.

Our cooperation is based on brand and quality.

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