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Aerial Photography of Outdoor Advertisement Display

Release time:2017-08-10

Aerial Photography of Outdoor Advertisement Display

Country: America

Location: Playground

Size: 32.256sqm

Three years ago, "overlooking a big object" can only be realized from distance by a few rich people who take a helicopter. For large outdoor advertising displays, the situation is also true. Photographing far has been a sticky perspective over the past few decades.

The maturing process of the UAV aerial photography technology witnesses a broader vision of the human beings and benefits the public, which indicates the end of the era of looking into the distance. People can re-enjoy a different world through the aerial photography.

China's DJI UAV has many enthusiastic fans throughout the world. A LAMP Technology customer from the US is one of the diehard followers, and he has a lot of outdoor display installation works in the US. Over the pass years of cooperation, the customer sent far-sighted pictures from the US each time a project was completed, and the displays looked extremely small under the broad background of the pictures. Not long ago, he used his beloved DJI UAV to photograph a large outdoor display upon the end of the installation. The HD pictures are photographed from parallel and overlooking perspectives.

Pictures taken using aerial photography technology greatly differ from those taken from a distant perspective: the screen brightness and clarity of the former pictures are better than those of the latter ones. The most important point is that the image of the advertising display is directly improved, and the display resolutely stands on the surface tall, producing a sense of overlooking the broad surrounding from the top of the display.

With perspective varying, the beauty you look will differ significantly.

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