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American football stadium score board

Release time:2017-09-14

American football stadium score board

Country: America

Place: American football stadium

Product: L10DF 960*960mm

Project size: 9x5pcs. 41.472sqm

American football is a “national sport” in America, it’s the most popular sport for Americans, so there is a big market in America for the football score board. The score board is an fundamental facility in football stadium for years and the score board technique is quite mature.  


In late July, one of LAMP Tech’s business partner had finished a score board installation project in a football stadium before the sports competition season started. It’s used to play the American football promotional video before the game started and it showed lively during the games.


This project’s manager has went to see the first football game after this score board finished installation, it works well with excellent brightness, perfect color and smooth operation. But nothing can compared with the passion of the fans, the football stadium is drowned by cheering, each time the score changed it did made the fans crazy!


The score board screen: L10F, waterproof, high brightness outdoor LED display. Brightness reached to 10000nits, it owned UL certificate and passed EMC test.

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