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A music bar in Romania

Release time:2017-11-15

A music bar in Romania

Country: Romania

Place: A music bar

Product: WN6.6

Project: 21.6sqm

There are a thousand kind of bars in a thousand people's eyes, but there are one similarity that is “relax”. Since 20 century bars became to one of the most important leisure place that provided juice, wine, drinks, music and funny. People can enjoy their free time in the bar.

It’s quiet fantastic to listen the live music which sometimes light as whisper beside your ears or rock as roaring in a bar; and it’s very enjoyable to watch a classic movie silently in the corner of the bar; when my favorite ball games started I would be crazy with the power of alcohol. It’s not waste of time stay in the bar.   

A music bar in Romania had installed a big LED screen recently to catch up with the modern pace. The screen will play some classic MV at the beginning of the night, meanwhile you can see the live music show when the atmosphere becomes lively, and then enjoy the romantic and relax time. Welcome to the bar to enjoy you free time.

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