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The hanging stage screen in Kenya

Release time:2017-11-28

The hanging stage screen in Kenya

Country: Kenya

product : GN3.9

Project size:

2 Screen: 4X3 pcs, 6sqm

1 Screen : 2x3 pcs ,  3sqm

Recently, LAMP TECH has finished a indoor stage screens installation project with GN3.9 in a auditorium. The screens were hanging on the top of stage to add more highlights of the stage show.

Normally, there are two styles of the stage screen: the fixed stage screen and the hanging stage screen. The fixed stage screen is bigger and the view angle is lower then the hanging screen; the hanging stage screen is smaller and the view angle is higher that you need to keep looking upwards, but the cost is much more lower because of its smaller size.

LAMP TECH GN series have quite simply hanging installation structure which are hanging beam, hanging bars and screen as standard. Take 500x1000mm as example, it can rig 10 cabinets vertically and the cabinets can be locked or dismantle easily with its fast locks.

It was the first hanging installation project of LAMP TECH in Kenya, even the project was small but it was a good beginning for us, hope we can show more excellent on the stage worldwide!  

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