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Led Screen On Air

Release time:2018-01-02

Led Screen On Air

Country: Bulgaria

Place: TV Studio

Product: GN3.1 500*500 126pcs

WN4 126pcs

LAMP TECH has finished a studio led screen project of a well-recognized TV station in Bulgaria, the TV studio were designed to be a modern high-end one that keeps pace with the time and be decorated based on the principle of intelligence, attractiveness and practical value.

Totally there are 7 screens, one main screen on the back of the Anchor Desk, two side screen used to broadcast news briefings,one screen in front of the anchor desk and 4 screens hanging on the ceiling. The screen possesses different uses, so the products adopted are different as well.

The main screen and the (2) side-screen were LAMP TECH’S GN3.1 which are high definition that mounted on the wall. The main screen is used to broadcast real-time news and big events, and the (2) side screens are used to live broadcast spot interviews. These 3 screens is the core of the studio.

The screen on the anchor desk and hanging on the ceiling all are WN4 which were modules that can be splicing easily. They all are affiliated screens which are used to show the icons of the TV station and broadcast news information feeds.

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