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A Gratitude Letter

Release time:2018-11-15

A Gratitude Letter






We have received a gratitude letter three days before, the letter detail is under here

Mister Lawrence

Through bringing online the hardware and as agreed upon with the order you had Mister Jianqing Zhou intervene from 10/23/2018 to 10/26/2018 at Toulouse Blagnac airport's installation.

We particularly appreciated his professionalism his efficiency and the investment of which he showed in the setting of this mission also with his personnal qualities.

We express our gratitude for the excellent work provided by Mister Zhou.

I give to you Mister Lawrence our sincerest salutations.








Thanks for the customer’s appreciate, it’s our great honor to help Mr. Jean-Louis and we would do better in the next cooperation. This project include 4 screens which included flat screens, circular screen and concave screen, they were finished with great performance.








Lamp tech have a professional technical support engineer team to support our product installation and maintenance. They are attaining the best experience possible, from pre to post sale. There always have 2-3 technical support engineers stay in European and 1 technical support engineers in America, most of them are in china that they will be dispatched to the place where need them.







The technical services include: giving you the advices for how to achieve your display effects, installation services, setting up the control system and maintenance service. They are all handsome man and they are conscientious, passionate and reliable. Whenever you cooperate with our company that we are ready to give you our best service.


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