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Never stop working hard

Release time:2016-11-30

Never stop working hard

On November, LAMP TECH held a grant awarding ceremony for those outstanding staff who had achieved significant sales record, who had made big progress and who have been working hard. Later on, recognized employees shared their experiences and set new goals for which they will strive, encouraging the whole team to do a better job.

The General Manger said

There is no short cut to be successful except working hard. We work as a team. With joint and persistent effort,, I have every reason to believe that the sales performance will be better and better. Let’s We work hard together!

The Sales manager said

Time flies and The year of 2016 left only 2 months. Still I have much work to do. No matter what the future will be holding for us, we will keep moving with a positive mind because we know clearly that nothing is difficult for a willing heart.

The Sales Director said

We need to learn from the spirit of the army, which requires us to work without excuses, to follow the excellent employees’ lead, to cooperate with you partner, to challenge the success as one big team with enthusiasm, to do it now and fight for it better.

Your determination make it possible or impossible. Likewisem, your dedication determins success or failure  So, never,ever say no to yourself because you are the best and you’ll make it.

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