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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Release time:2016-12-21

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christmas trees, Christmas stars, Christmas lights
On the shop window, at home and in the street corners
The world is now full of laughter and cheer
The happy story is being played on the screen, over and over again
A cup of hot coca even warms your heart.

Candies, cookies, Christmas dinners
Mine, yours and ours
Colorful sweetie colored the beauty of the world,
Smile and love can be found everywhere.
A good hug brings the whole world.

Hymns, churches and praying before meals
This year ends, and a new year comes,
The footsteps of time is dragged long by the Santa Claus’ reindeer sleigh
Here’s a surprising gift for you,
The truly blessing is precious all the time.

LAMP TECH would like to express to you our sincere appreciation and
Wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year
Together we’ll make it a successful new 2017!

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