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Accompanying you to wait

Release time:2016-12-22

Never stop working hard

Country: Thailand
Place: Airport
Product: TN8
Project: 5.368*3.172m, 8.784*6.588

Thailand is a religious country which is unique in terms of human life, culture, art and food. Being friendly neighbors, Thailand and China have kept a good relationship for years. A movie called“Lost In Thailand”has attracted more than 1 billion audience in china which has led to a new travel climax to Thailand. The Prime Minister of Thailand has also met and expressed his gratitude to the director Xu Zheng, who has both directed and starred in the movie.

Thailand enjoys a prosperous culture industry, while its manufacture industry still needs to be strengthened. Each year, China exported a lot of products to Thailand, among which LED displays from Shenzhen Lamp Technology Co. Ltd. are included in the list. Lamp LED displays have kept outstanding sales volume in Thailand because of its high-level quality and strong technology support. Depending on customers’needs, Lamp displays sold in Thailand mainly include outdoor and indoor advertising displays, live broadcast and indicating displays.

A Thai airport imported three TN8 indoor LED displays from LAMP TECH and installed them in different areas in the airport to play indoor advertisements. Some passengers may leave the airport in a hurry, and other passengers may stay in the airport for a long time. Nobody knows that how many repeating ads will passengers remember, but nobody can deny that those ads add some fun and color to the trip and accompany passengers to pass endless waiting time.

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