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Ordering after seeing your food

Release time:2016-12-22

Giant ginseng brand for your meal

Country: Singapore
Place: A high-end hotel
Product: WN4
Project: 16*1.792m, 28.672sqm

WN4 Flexible LED display installed in a high-end hotel in Singapore

Singapore is famous all over the world as a garden country and it’s also a country embracing a huge amount of delicious food. There are plenty of 5-star restaurants in Singapore and 5-star food is the core those restaurants compete on. The seaside 5-star restaurant, which is designed by a world famous designer, is not only luxury but also elegant. Besides the top-end cuisines from Singapore, there are world cuisines including French cuisines, Italian cuisines, Chinese Cantonese cuisines and so on, which attract many people. The chefs spare no efforts on the cuisines and menus to attract the customers.

WN4 Flexible LED display installed in a high-end hotel in Singapore

Menus with both pictures and introduction would be preferred. With pictures and information of the chef, customers can find what they like accordingly. What can be seen on the menu can reflect how many efforts the restaurant has put and can tell the idea of the chef. In order to attract the potential customers, the restaurant uses LED screen on the hallway to play their menu, thus displaying both the chef and the food as well as satisfying customers’needs.

WN4 creative LED display field case

Human beings are born with an intention for food. In an era where the whole world units, humans have more choice. They have more opportunities to enjoy global food, but they may find it is difficult to find what they like best among a sea of information about food. Thus, it is a courageous attempt to show a restaurant’s highlights through a shining menu.

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