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Spread the Gospel in the name of God

Release time:2017-01-06

Spread the Gospel in the name of God

Country: Korea
Place: Church
Product: TN4
Project: 5.53sqm*3

God creates the world, people born with guilty, god spread evangel to redeem people through the hoop to reborn for eternity. The Christ church see love, lives and reborn; and listen happiness, confession and pain fairly without prejudice. Sing hymns to praise the truth, kind and beauty in the world,relieve the poor souls with the Bible。All Christ church over the world is holy and selfless.

A church on one Korea town, many local people hold wedding, christened children and celebrate big feasts in this church, every weekend people get together worship in the church,  all the Christ activities were held here and even some big events. For the sake of more people can watch the ceremonies happened in front that the church cooperated with LAMP tech with three LED  screen, which permit  you can watch the details all wards.

Install LED screen were supported by the christens as the traditional holy events combined with the modern technology can spread the spirits of Christ better, they can join every parts of the holy activities with the screen. It’s a very great try for them to keep the pace of time.

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