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Let's hold a party

Release time:2017-01-17

Let's hold a party

Let’s hold a party to celebrate the coming New Year. Sing and dance to enjoy every coming moment when a new beginning and a new journey upholds.

Celebrate in a studio

You can either enjoy a formal party or a talk show in the studio. You can make jokes, sing, dance and talk with big shots, just for entainment.

Celebrate on a stage
A singing and dancing feast, which combines both the traditional and morden essence, makes you enjoy the beauty of life!

Celebrate in a stadium
Who you are and where you are from are not important any longer. Scream and shake your hands to enjoy the hot show! Tomorrow will be more excellent!

Celebrate at the foot of snow mountain
You are common among the crowd, but you are unique for yourself. Relax in the singing and cozy wind, relieve stress and be happy.

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