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Smart Broadcast Era

Release time:2017-02-23

Smart Broadcast Era

Smart Broadcast Era
Country: Kuwait
Place: High-end community
L10DS: Roof floor:10.8x4.96m=49.9968sqm,    3pcs;
First floor:6.08x4.16m=25.2928sqm,     5pcs

Customized P8:(half outdoor)
Entrance: 7.68x0.64m=4.92sqm;        6pcs
Seat: 16x1.12m=17.92sqm,            8pcs

It’s more valuable and economical to invest high-end commercial-and-residential property than traditional residential houses. In the artificial intelligence era, the commercial and residential buildings tend to be smarter in many ways such as the design of architectural structure ,home appliances, advertising patterns.

Street side led ads is a mature industry, one Kuwait commercial and residential villa region put Located primarily on major highways, or principal arterials, street billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and residents nearby and are quite mature products in the LED industry. In this case, the LED screens have become part of the villas which are not only beautiful to look at but also practical in advertising use thanks to the unique installation and design.  The screen with live videos will definitely amaze the audiences and participants of a big feast or a fancy party.

Kuwait tends to be hot and dry most of the year, which requires good performance of heat dissipation for outdoor and semi-outdoor screens. L10DS made by Shenzhen LAMP Tech. is chosen mainly because of its good performance of heat dissipation, high brightness and front maintenance accessibility. This is an unique order and also a great installation creation for LAMP TECH.

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