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An important thing to consider in your conference room: LED screen

Release time:2017-03-09

An important thing to consider in your conference room: LED screen

Country: Malaysia
Place: one big company
Product: HN1.9
project size:
screen 1: 2.4mx1.5m, 30pcs, 3.6sqm
screen 2: 4.8x2.7m, 108pcs, 12.96sqm
screen 3: 4x2.4m, 80pcs, 9.6sqm, 2 screens.

A conference hall or conference room is a place provided for singular events such as receptions, representations, discussions and business meetings, For many years, the projector has been a dominant tool to project images or videos on the wall or screen because it’s cheap and well-developed. With the development of information technology, the led screen gradually gains more advantages over the projector in that it produces more clear images, supports multi signal inputs such as computer, sending box, USB disk or online information and works for multi widow and video conferences.

Recently, a big company in Malaysia installed LED screens in 4 meeting rooms to support important conventions, large events, online video conferences and welcome important clients. Our HN1.9 had been chosen for its excellent front serviceability, wall-mounting installation and high definition image quality.

Indoor LED screen is widely used in hotels and other public places as some companies won’t consider it because of the budget limit. If you only need to present some office documents like PPT, a projector is enough. While it comes to combination with the internet, the LED screen can be much better choice! How about your conference room?

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