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Customized football ads screen

Release time:2017-03-13

Customized football ads screen

Country: Italy
Place: Football arena
Product: Customized S8S
product size: 1280*960
project size: 196pcs, 240.85sqm

Football game commercials is one of the most effective advertising medias in Europe, many brands like to put commercials in football arenas, especially when it comes to important game seasons . Led Perimeter banner is the most favorite medium for football advertisers and businessmen because it’s straightforward and live coverage, which has a great impact on the audiences in terms of the brand building.

Led Perimeter banner should be in high brightness, completely waterproof, anti-collision and have safety pass, easy for installation and good appearance are also indispensible. Football advertisers would take into consideration the relevant specifications as well as the requirements of the football game to select the appropriate banner. One of LAMP’S loyal business partners chose S8S football perimeter and an Italian designer engaged to develop its appearance, which mixes attrativeness and application perfectly. Its color combination and extrinsic features better comply with the “Italian beauty”.

Lamp tech has 8-year experience of researching and marketing indoor and outdoor perimeter displays. At the very beginning, the reliability of the perimeter is the most important factor, and now higher pitch, prettier appearance and diverse functions are trendy, our indoor and outdoor perimeter display series can fit all kinds of demands worldwide. Lighter, thinner and simpleness in installation and maintenance are our points to focus on.

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