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A unforgettable sales team award

Release time:2017-04-05

An unforgettable sales team award

---We are a excellent sales team with faith and courage!

LED screen is a mature industry full of campaign, the industry is upgrading from “good products” to “good products + technology + good service + brand”, Lamp tech is upgrading our company as the demanding of the market to have brighter future and develop better. Now for us it’s both opportunity and challenge because that many small factories and lower class led display manufactures will be eliminated and meanwhile the market demanding is higher.

Sales team always charged in front line of one company, the first quarter our sales team work  hard to get more order with great sales pressure to achieve company growth in 2017. Lamp’s general manger decide to hold a special sales team award to praise them, encourage them  and help them release pressure of work, a award full with happy and laughter.

The award meeting was held in outdoor of a seaside holiday center in Nan’ao where is the most beautiful region in shenzhen. Our sales team separated to six group, they were asked to act roles to go inside, and then awarding and game were interspersed. Awarding the outstanding sales and team and play games to open team member heart, they expressed their difficulties and strong wish to achieve the year goal leisurely.

Thousands people cooperate as one you can have thousands people’s power, and small things make big, we do believe every Lamp people coordinate our efforts we can be a great LED display company. This award meeting summed up the first quarter and also is the beginning of the next quarter, as what we sang at the end of the meeting “ value every minutes in our life , exacts the utmost effort on our dream” , finally Lamp dream will come true.

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