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football court hero

Release time:2017-04-19

football court hero

Country: Belgium
Place:    football stadium
1, L16D,EMC
2, S10P,EMC
Project size:
LED screen on stadium top: 7.68x4.608=35.4sqm
perimeter screen:100m

2018 FIFA World Cup is the 21th World Cup which will be held in Russia. The campaign will start in 14 June and end in 15 July and will be played in 12 football stadiums among 11 cities in Russia. It’s the first time FIFA World Cup held in Russia as well as in East-Europe countries.

With The World Cup preliminaries starting worldwide, the enthusiasm of football fans ran high to cheer for football teams from their own countries. Meanwhile, it is also good time for businessmen in football industry to make money, they are full of thrust and energy. Most football powers are from Europe and South-America, as a result, football advertisement is one of the most important AD media for these countries.

LAMP Tech’s screen for football stadium, as media of football Ads, it’s going hot because of the football campaign. LAMP perimeter screens have been installed on football courts in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and other countries. In recent months, LAMP perimeter displays were light up again for outdoor advertising in one of the medium- size football court in Belgium, with screen for score showing and perimeter surround the field.

There is only 1 year and 1 month left to FIFA World Cup 2018, with time getting closer, enthusiasm of ball fans will be running higher and higher, together, value of advertising on football court will increase as well. LAMP Tech have mature and quality products for stadium Ads, in addition, we have professional engineers supporting for installation and maintenance at site. Hope LAMP’s stadium advertising products can shine in the final match of World Cup 2018.

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