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Great GN2.6 installation in Bangkok

Release time:2017-05-04

Great GN2.6 installation in Bangkok

Country:        Thailand, Bangkok
Place:             motor show opening ceremony
Product:        GN2.6(500x1000), L10
Project size:   2 screens
main screen:   50sqm 3840x1920
Logo screen:  L10 50pcs

About the show:

The Bangkok International Motor Show is known as the "Thailand Motor Show" among automotive enthusiasts. The 38th show was successfully held at the end of March, 2017, attracting most famous Motor brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche etc. Shenzhen LAMP Technology Co. Ltd provided with the major LED screen for the show, which represented the hosts status with its innovative video performance.

The choice of main screen:

The major screen from LAMP was concave curved design which flanked two huge printing posters. Considering:
1, the screen should be high definition;
2, good broadcasting performance;
3, installation supporting.
LAMP TECH used their hot seller GN2.6, well assembled for -5°~+5°convex or concave curve freely, easy installed and in high quality performance, that can satisfy all 3 requirements from the host. What’s more, LAMP TECH has professional technique support engineers to provide on-site installation service. With all-round product+service, the screen was put in use smoothly.

Stage highlight- Image screens:

The most attractive screen on the stage was even not the major screen but the Image screens. Consisting of 50pcs LAMP L10 (cabinet size :640x640mm) and arranged to tow rows, the screen were in splendid effect to show all brands. Every distinguished guest had one small screen in his hand, showing their own brand logo or national flag which was quite special and impressive.

The ceremony was rounded off in a picturesque, creative and attractive scene. Great things always born with the wisdom of human, and LAMP TECH is keeping on create the greatest product for all.

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