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Two ancient poets for dragon boat festival

Release time:2017-06-02

Two ancient poets for dragon boat festival

May the fifth on the lunar calendar is china traditional dragon boat festival to memories QU YUAN who was a great patriotic poet. We hold dragon boat races, eat “ZONG ZI” and salty eggs, hang mugwort to ward off  evil and etc.

There had many great poets in china history who had wrote poems to celebrate dragon boat festival, Chinese poems paid great attention on rhyme , this year LAMP TECH would like to share two different style poems about dragon boat festival which label with Chinese spelling “PINYIN” and follow poems translation.

Yi Mao Chong Wu Shi


--LU YOU(Song Dynasty)
1, 重五山村好,榴花忽已繁。
Chong Wu Shan Cun Hao, Liu Hua Hu Yi Fan.
2, 粽包分两髻,艾束著危冠。
Zong Bao Feng Liang Ji, Ai Su Zhuo Wei Guan. 
3, 旧俗方储药,羸躯亦点丹。
Jiu Su Fang Chu Yao, Ying Qu Yi Dian Dan.
4, 日斜吾事毕,一笑向杯盘。
Ri Xie Wu Shi Bi, Yi Xiao Xiang Bei Pan.

Title: In Yi Mao(year) and Chong Wu(place) wrote this poet
1: Chong Wu village is wonderfully beautiful place where the pomegranates are blooming.
2: People ate “Double horns’ Zong ZI” and bound a bunch of mugwort on the tiara.
3: Obey the tradition the villagers are busing for preparing medicinal herbs to keep families away from diseases for whole year.
4: When I finished everything the sun has set down, my family had made a big dinner and we smiled to cheer for the festival.

Huan Xi Sha•Duan Wu


Su Shi(Song Dynasty)
1, 轻汗微微透碧纨,明朝端午浴芳兰。流香涨腻满晴川。
Qing Han Wei Wei Tou Bi Wan, Ming Zhao Duan Wu Yu Fang Lan. Liu Xiang Zhang Ni Man Qing Chuan.

Cai Xian Qing Chan Hong Yu Bi, Xiao Fu Xie Gua Lv Yun Huan. Jia Ren Xiang Jian Yi Qian Nian.

Title: Huan Xi Sha(A fixed format rhyme ) • dragon-boat festival
1,  A thin veneer of sweat soaked the green organdy skirt, tomorrow is dragon-boat festival and women will baths in hot spring with aromatic mugwort. The sweet sweat will flow to the river and the whole river will covered with Fragrance.
2, My lovely wife’s tender arms are lightly entwined with colored silk, small spiritual talismans slung on her bun. I hope to live with her together for thousands of year.

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