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Ads screens on metro entrance

Release time:2017-06-16

Ads screens on metro entrance

Country: Singapore
Place: A five star hotel metro entrance
Screen size: two screens
W5.568m x H2.304m=12.8sqm

People prefer to take metro than other kinds of public transports in densely populated modern big cities. Metro runs on time with fast speed, gives people the feeling of comfort , clean and carries so many passengers that advertisements in metro stations are more effective than other public transports.

Metro station advertising screens commonly have three uses: firstly, they broadcast metro system notices and rules; secondly, broadcast commercial ads; last, broadcast government public welfare information. Thus, metro station advertising screens are not only purchased by commercial organizations but also by government which have similar demands on led displays.

Metro station advertising screen belong to indoor screens which need to be with high definition, easy maintenance and safety. Everyday numerous passengers pass in and out in continual streams that a qualified screen should be able to show pictures with high definition to them by any angles.

Lamp tech’s TN3 screens are used by a five star hotel in Singapore,set up on the entrance of to metro. Top architecture, sparkling neon lights are lit up in the beginning of busy days, each time the screens spark, it not only is the sparkling of money and wealth, but also warm the footsteps of passengers who are on their way back home. No matter where you and I come from, we enjoy the same world, colorful and wonderful world. TN series, indoor high definition displays, show a flowery world.

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