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Street advertise screen

Release time:2017-07-17

Street advertise screen

Country: Guatemala

Place: Street advertise screen

Product: L8S

In many developing countries, outdoor advertising still mainly focuses on outdoor inkjet advertising and light boxes, and thus LED street advertising display is still a relatively high-end form of advertising. However, with the economic growth and the occurrence of improved cost-effective displays, the sales of the LED advertising displays has been increased rapidly.

Recently, an advertiser in Guatemala has just completed the installation of six outdoor street advertising displays. The displays were put into use immediately after the installation, then received the favor of local merchants, following a ton of advertising contracts.

Image the scenario, A cup of coffee, a plate of cheese prawn balls, a bowl of salad. and then,  People listen to music or news from the screen, while looking at those nice food from the screen.  The best food is kind of emotion in one’s deep heart that enjoy the delicious food with all you sense, the “most delicious “ only bloom on you taste buds.

In Guatemala, outdoor billboards are crisscrossed and can be seen everywhere, which are mainly traditional billboards with low production costs. However, it is troublesome to replace the advertising contents, along with large work amount of each billboard replacement. In addition, outdoor billboards are not conspicuous under strong sunlight in the daytime, and are hardly to be identified when there is no light at night.

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