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LED Display, Catching Your Eyes from the Aging Workshop

Release time:2017-08-10

LED Display, Catching Your Eyes from the Aging Workshop

Before delivering, the LED display must be sent to the aging workshop for testing and performance debugging. The splendidness of the aging workshop is no less than the colorful night market. The aging workshop is lit up every day by the colorful light.

The same video will be played on tens of thousands of LED displays which show beauty in their own way. A visit to the aging workshop always makes you meet outstanding color unexpectedly and surprises you.

With the dot pitch ranging from 1mm to 20mm, the LED display produces very different screen clarity. Though the clarity varies, videos played on displays with small dot pitch do not necessarily give a more beautiful screen than those played with large dot pitch. Once, I found by accident that a silk dressed beauty was magnificently shown on a screen with 2.5mm dot pitch, with the skin and clothes showing smoothness and warm color that can be felt through the screen, and I was also enchanted by blooming flowers shown on an outdoor screen with 16mm dot pitch.

Of course, there are many special-shaped screens catching your eyes in the aging workshop: including curved, circular, and right-angle screens. Every display in the aging workshop will find a specific homing place in the global village, so the aging workshop is the origin of wonders and the start point of brilliance.

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