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Stadium Advertising Display

Release time:2017-08-10

Stadium Advertising Display

Location: Italy

Quantity: 460m

While soccer field players sweat like rain and fans warm like fire, the advertisements on the edge of the soccer field are also brilliant. From the beginning of a game to the end of the game, the soccer field is a warm little world.

Advertisements on the soccer field are usually dominated by sports brands, automobile-related brands, food and beverage brands and financial brands. The advertising form is very simple, and mainly the brand logos. Some businesses will add beautiful backstage effects, which are simple and direct, like a wonderful game that is not euphemistic, and wonderful and straightforward.

In a soccer league game recently held in Italy, LAMP Technology S10P displays were present in the stadium, cheering for the soccer field advertisements. With 460m circular arrangement, the displays demonstrate magnificent momentum, offering fans sports advertising vanes and glorifying brilliances with the game.

The S10P is a professional outdoor stadium display, waterproof, bright, crash-resistant, lightweight and strong, and boasting a survival channel. The display applies to a variety of outdoor sports events.

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