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HD LED screen shines Peking

Release time:2017-09-21

HD LED screen shines Peking

Country: Beijing

Product: HN1.87S

Project size:7.29sqm, 3.6x2.025m

Beijing,China's political and cultural center, as a cosmopolitan city, it embraces the world and amazes the world with its artificial intelligence, science, economic growth, culture heritage and so forth. Beijing has installed a large number of LED displays, and those LED displays are the primary facilities for most of the conference rooms, stages, street advertisements and traffic systems there and they have always been upgraded constantly so many places have entered HD age.

Recently, Shenzhen LAMP TECH collaborates with one Beijing cultural industrial park in a HD intelligent screen project with Pitch 1.87mm led displays. The screen, 3.6m long and 2.025m high, 16:9 standard, is used as medium for communication.

The display series is named HN1.87S, the upgraded version of HD display, HN1.87S is 16:9 form factor, support full front maintenance and installation, and they can be widely used in various occasions.

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