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The Development of Outdoor Stage Displays in Lamp

Release time:2017-10-30

The Development of Outdoor Stage Displays in Lamp

Outdoor rental LED display of the stages is a big cake for the LED display manufactures to ravage, it has huge market demands, large quantities and good profit. But the competition is quite fierce in outdoor stage LED display market, the display must with high grey scale, high brightness, high refresh rate and easy to installation. Thus, outdoor stage LED displays market, facing both opportunities and challenges.

5 years before, the outdoor stage LED displays that LAMP TECH designed were still steel cabinets which were ‘big & heavy” as most kinds of products at that time. It was difficult to install big stage screens and DIP cabinets had higher rate than SMD as well, but the outdoor stage LED displays technology was already good to ensure high quality pictures and high brightness.

Since then, the “thinner and lighter” die-casting cabinets gradually become mainstream products and replace the traditional steel cabinets. Lamp tech’s new D series displays are born for stages which with standard cabinet size of 500x500mm, supporting both hanging and fix installation, thinner and lighter, easy for installation, high refresh rate and good picture quality.

The development of LAMP TECH’s outdoor stage LED displays was the result of technology development and also the choice of market. Save more labor, simple installation and dismantle, better stage broadcasting effect, all these also ensure a better interaction between fans and idols. Creation changes the stage.

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