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A great sport exhibition, LAMP TECH at 2017 FSB

Release time:2017-11-13

A great sport exhibition, LAMP TECH at 2017 FSB

Country: Germany

Event : FSB (professional sport facilities exhibition)

At the leading international trade fair FSB, upcoming trends are brought to life, momentum is generated for the industry. FSB is a professional sport facilities exhibition.

Sport LED display one part of LAMP TECH’s strength, this time we participated the exhibition again with 4 sports products to catch customers’ eyes.

The sport led displays in LAMP mainly have 4 parts: Indoor & outdoor perimeter screen, ribbon screen, smart scoreboard, outdoor multifunctional display. On this FSB fair, except for outdoor multifunctional display all other three style screens had been shown on our booth.

Sport LED displays are used for broadcasting advertisements, broadcasting live games and showing scores, they can be widely use in basketball, football, horse race, American football, swimming and more games’ indoor & outdoor stadiums, the products are different from the places, and it is one most important infrastructure for the advertisement income. Thus, during the exhibition most of the customers who were interested in discussing a collaboration were sport advertisers.

LAMP TECH had a great success during the exhibition, many sport industry customers like our products and showed great interesting. Thanks for our customers’ trust and we are welcoming more sport advertisers will cooperate with us too.

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