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Galaxy Note8 release conference in Thailand

Release time:2017-11-20

Galaxy Note8 release conference in Thailand

Country: Thailand, Bangkok

Product: GN3.9

Project size: 200 sqm

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a new mobile phone from Samsung that launched on August 23, 2017 worldwide, it’s a new generation with dual camera and optical image stabilization and biggest screen ever. In Bangkok, Thailand, Samsung held Galaxy Note8 release conference in early September,2017.

There installs a large slightly curved screen on the stage which embodies Galaxy Note8’s curved screen, and the screen extends on both right and left sides to express the wide viewing angle of the phone camera. During the conference, the stage show uses “picture in picture” style to show the photo taking by Note 8 just a small slice of the big view because of the seamless big screen, even bigger and more possibilities.

The main screen on the stage shows the new desktop of Note 8 which looks colorful and vivid, the new Note8 have richer color, higher definition and clearer images that better meets the customers’ higher image quality demands. In order to show the stunning pictures of Galaxy Note8, the organizer chose GN3.9 of LAMP TECH which with superior contrast ratio, high image quality and wide viewing angle to ensure the stage effect.

The release conference came to an end successfully in Thailand and after that Note8 sales rocketed. Samsung Galaxy Note8 uses technology to change the world vision, and always “Do bigger things”!

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