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Street billboard

Release time:2018-01-18

Street billboard

Country: Australia

product: L16S

Project size:18.9sqm

Billboard near the street is a kind of outdoor displays which widely used worldwide and attractive; it’s typically installed in the main road with a high flow of passengers, public place or commercial center. 

Outdoor Billboards near the street usage are various; it could be used for Building advertising, highway professional info presentation, street billboards advertising and so on. These functions can be achieved by semi-outdoor and full outdoor led displays.

As the sample case described above, the street billboards with professional customized structure, waterproof, high brightness and also good heating dissipation. This billboard was installed in coastal city of Australia with the warm weather, which means lower standard of heating dissipation will be enough vice versa.

Billboards near the street are mostly used for commercial advertising and belong to a kind of profitability screens. These screens are mainly installed in CBD or mass flow places. However, some of the screens use for warning or public welfare which are usually installed in Accident Black Spot or cars and passengers high flow areas.

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