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Wait for you, 2018 LAMP new company introduction!

Release time:2018-02-09

Wait for you, 2018 LAMP new company introduction! 

Fourteen years ago, we, LAMP TECH, started our led dream with hope when led displays were rarely seen in China.

Nowadays, LAMP TECH’s customers are around the  world and the dream has become a reality. LAMP TECH is proud of those successes they’ve made in LED display during the past 14 years. What is sold in LAMP includes not only LED display, but also design, customization, installation, systems integration services, maintenance service etc. Hope to meet you in LAMP! 


In the new LAMP TECH company introduction of 2018 we have updated our latest developments which include personnel changes, sales regions change, newest cases, hottest products and newest after service centers worldwide. We hope more our customers or who may cooperate with lamp can see the efforts we are paying, the development we had made and our passion on led displays directly! The new introduction was ready, please come to get it!


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