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L8S under snowy weather

Release time:2018-02-09

L8S under snowy weather

Country: Canada

Place: Amphitheatre, Centre Jean-Daigle

product: L8S

project size: 4.8X2.56=12.29 sqm


L8S is high brightness outdoor led display. In the past 2017 Lamp Tech finished multiple installation projects of the LS Series all over the world, including Africa with extreme hot climate which has proved LS series’ good heat dispassion character. In November, Lamp Tech had completed a new project in Centre Jean-Daigle of Canada. It is the coldest project of LS series in 2017.


The temperature is as low as -10 degree Celsius in Canada and in the coldest December the temperature even can fall to -20 and with freezing wind. Whether a display can work stably under this condition can be a key criterion to judge if it is high quality.



The L8s installation project in Centre Jean-Daigle was finished perfectly, the screen works well and what’s the largest success was that there has not even one dead led diode during the installation and configuration process. The customer praised our product with thumb up and looked forward to the upcoming more cooperation.


The completion of this project demonstrates Lamp Tech’s LS Series’ good performance in low temperature environment that can work between -20-50 degree. Only good quality product can withstand challenge of harsh application condition, and we do believe high quality can go far.

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