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Yes, Las Vegas

Release time:2018-11-01

Yes, Las Vegas

America is one of the biggest LED screen market in globe market. The demands of LED screen in America just like its open and passionate spirit that they are zealous to technique and creativeNo matter it’s the newest hi-tech products or it’s the matured DIP LED displays that there are huge market in America, but if you want to win America market that the good quality is the basic requirement.


Lamp Tech started to develop America market is quite short which was not until 2012, now it’s the sixth year we hunt for cooperation partners in America. It’s a difficult process for Lamp Tech, the products’ requirements of certifications and performances have a big difference between America and European and Asia where are the tow best globe markets of LAMP.


After years of unremitting efforts we had got a remarkable breakthrough in America market since 2017. We had customized LF series to satisfy America standard which had won many orders, our main outdoor products LS series also had got great success. In 2018, We had developed a new rental range LED display - RNS series, it had won many customers’ favorite and made some great deals.


Now, Lamp Tech’s display was lighted up in Las Vegas, it is a colorful point among this beautiful city, and it is lighting up the beauty of the world.

Yes, Lamp Tech’s LED displays are in Las Vegas! They are in America!


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