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Our Rental Product - RNS&RS series

Release time:2018-11-07


Our Rental Product - RNS&RS series




Cabinet size:500x500mm/500x1000mm

RNS Series: RN2.6S/RN2.9S/RN3.9S

RS Series: R3.9S/R4.8S



Typical and special solutions, Widely application


Lighter weight and better thickness control of our cabinet with fast locks makes hanging more efficiently.


Rigid and strong stacking frame , ensure the stability of product installation.


With very simple additional accessories, the standard cabinet can be used as a floor. More options, more business opportunities!





Multiple Appearance, Delicate and Portable

Simple industrial design, free, noble, solemn, calm and stable, these characteristics gang together, in leading the fashion at the same time display the deep, mysterious, hidden strength side.

Identical module on each model to suit any position on the cabinet, no confusion, no hassle.





Die-casting Aluminum, High Precision, High Strength

Testing by the authoritative testing institutions, die-casting aluminum material cabinets has high strength, tensile test can reached 15.69KN.

Testing by high and low temperature cold and hot cycle test, die-cast aluminum materials is more stable and difficult to deformation than magnesium alloy materials, so that the high precision of the cabinets can be guaranteed.







Quick Maintenance

For indoor models, magnetic module design enables quick front/rear service.

For outdoor models, 4 screws are used per module, plus magnets to balance the ease of use, flatness and safety Two handles to remove power box, again one of the quickest design in the industry.






Curve cabinet unique design .Testing the product of mosaic technology, Display extraordinary LED effect and visual perception.

A perfect side locking system should deliver great combination of seamless connection, good handling experience and reasonable cost. Comet has two sets of curvable side locks to ensure the solid connection.


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