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A curve screen in TOYOTA 4S shop

Release time:2019-06-06

A curve screen in TOYOTA 4S shop

Country: Thailand, Bangkok
Place: TOYOTA 4S shop
Product: WN4
Project size: 317sqm

The screen 
WN4 is our company one of the hottest products, it can achieve circle, S shape, inner arc and outer arc. We had finished a special S shape screen in TOYOTA 4S shop in Thailand with 317sqm. This screen was designed to set against the beautiful S shape of the cars, it can broad some beautiful pictures to stand out the shining outlook, it also can broad some car information videos which can deliver to the customs. 

The structure
The structure of the screen is quite simple, there were magnets on WN modules which can stick on the iron plate firmly after the structure engineer calculated the degrees of the arc then.  

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