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Prime series (indoor)


RDN3.9 display is specifically designed for indoor rental market. They come at an attractive price without compromising on performance and reliability. In the retail and advertising industry, downtime and revenue are mutually exclusive. RDN3.9 is an extremely reliable display that guarantees 24/7 operation to provide advertisers with ultimate peace of mind.

  • Exclusive visual feast, Technical peak

    Adopt black package LEDs for ultimate image quality and an extremely high contrast, for wide viewing angle; High resolution brings delicate display effect.

    Ultra low power consumption, the first option for saving energy

    Adopt PFC power supply for Synchronous rectification to achieve versatile functions ,thus make conversion efficiency up to 90%

    Quick Installation, saving time and labor cost

    Vertical and horizontal connections by location pin and unique assembly mechanism enable quick installation by one person.

    Front service available

    Insertion front service finishes taking place one module within 30 seconds, 3 times up to the efficiency.

    Replacement in 5 seconds, faster and more convenient

    Opening-button enables replacement of power supply, receiving card within 30s, 3 times faster than screw design, saving time and money.

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