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Torpedo series (Outdoor)


Feel protected in water

Stadiums, The commercial plazas, Railway station squares, Airports, Pedestrian Streets, Bus stations, Metros, Leisure wharfs, Exhibition halls, etc.

  • Waterproof module design, more reliable

    The outdoor screens come with waterproof module mask and IP 65/54 and can be installed without protection covers. This series will cater to most outdoor applications due to its outstanding water resistance and safety performance.

    Front maintenance and installation,more convenient

    Easy and convenient front maintenance can be achieved within one minute with the maintenance tool.

    Excellent design, slim and light

    The mechanical design with concealed wires brings a better appearance with lighter and slimmer cabinet, which can reduce the cost of transport and labor.

    High brightness, high IP rating

    The high brightness outdoor display ensures vivid and clear images quality even in the bright sunlight and fits both day and night.

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