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Torpedo series (Outdoor)


Feel protected in water

Stadiums, The commercial plazas, Railway station squares, Airports, Pedestrian Streets, Bus stations, Metros, Leisure wharfs, Exhibition halls, etc.

  • Waterproof module design, more reliable

    The outdoor screens come with waterproof module mask and IP 65/54 and can be installed without protection covers. This series will cater to most outdoor applications due to its outstanding water resistance and safety performance.

    Front maintenance and installation,more convenient

    Easy and convenient front maintenance can be achieved within one minute with the maintenance tool.

    Excellent design, slim and light

    The mechanical design with concealed wires brings a better appearance with lighter and slimmer cabinet, which can reduce the cost of transport and labor.

    High brightness, high IP rating

    The high brightness outdoor display ensures vivid and clear images quality even in the bright sunlight and fits both day and night.

  • Fixed installation solution

    1. Program Features:

    (1) Using high refresh IC, truly realizes high refresh rate and high gray, making LED display image more realistic & satisfying business high visual quality requirements.
    (2) Utilizing Low-power-driven ultra-bright LED, reached outdoor any brightness application of the environment.
    (3) Photosensitive control system, timing and brightness adjustment function, according to changes in outdoor light automatically adjust LED display brightness, and depending to different time timing adjust LED display brightness , for energy saving and reducing operating costs;

    (4) Display environmental monitoring system, through software monitoring page, can anytime grasp the display operation status;
    (5) Periodically or remote real-timely, control switch of LED displays;
    (6) Support network clustering control function, can in one place control global display, randomly change the broadcast content;
    (7) Use PFC power supply, reduce the interference on the power grid, more high conversion efficiency, more energy-efficient;
    (8) According to the characteristics of outdoor environment, designed with a reliable protection rating, the entire screen thermal design, strict manufacturing process enables the long time stability;
    (9) Intelligent power-up system can timer switch the entire LED display power supply, making LED display operate safer, more energy-efficient.

    2. System topology

    3. Equipment and accesories

    (1) LED controller or sending card;

    (2) power distribution box (ordinary and intelligent can be choose );

    (3) Video processor (optional);

    (4) Audio Amplifier and Speaker box (optional)

    (5) Computer

    4  Application fields

    Outdoor and indoor advertising  media, stage performance, information board

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