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Perimeter LED Display (Indoor)


The heroic cavalier-SN8.3S:
Is NBA teams - Cleveland Cavaliers? No, it is not. It is the heroic cavalier of the basketball court -SN8.3S, that defends the valiant players of the basketball court,and uninterrupted playback ads protect the interests of advertisers to ensure the maximized benefits.SN8.3S is the handsome cavalier, "delicate face, handsome appearance, simple and generous"!

  • Minimalist design, ultra-thin and lightweight

    Make installation quickly, greatly improve the operational convenience, saving labor cost compared with the traditional.

    Steady performances, Beko Final Eight 2016

    Totally meet FIBA stadium standard requirements TUV-EMC certificated, widely used in Basketball Leagues in Europe.

    Module fast maintenance

    Each module with only 2 simple locks, operation only by hand enough in several seconds, which benefits you from saving time and labor costs.

    Versatility, first option for advertising

    Versatility, first option for advertising

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